I just got my laptop today so im trying to teach myself to use this bullshit, but im seriously seconds away from downloading a fake version of 7 BECAUSE IM IMPATIENT AND THIS IS WEIRD AS FUCK

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  1. rissalady said: Yeah it pisses me off. Everytime I move the mouse the wrong way, something pops up and I’m like WHAT THE FUCK
  2. thedeathofmyredlizard said: Be careful before you do that. My laptop is bundled with 8 as well, but depending on your model and such, there may not be drivers released for it that will run on Windows 7. I dislike 8, too, but after a while it truly isn’t so bad. Give it two weeks, then see how you feel.
  3. theinkstainedknight said: it’s meant for a tablet, if you don’t have a tablet, it’s not meant for you and wants you to end yourself.
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